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Body Oils

Designed for the world's leading spas, the Cerberus range of body oils ensure a truly unique experience.

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Salt Glows

An remarkable blend of the most mineral-rich salts on Earth with only the purest, natural & nutrient-rich  oils.

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Robusta Coffee Scrubs

Our remarkable range of caffeine-rich Robusta Coffee body scrubs utilise a selection of skin nourishing oils, including virgin Coconut, organic Argan and organic Jojoba.

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Cerberus in your spa...

Our unique range of spa treatments can be found across the world in some of the most luxurious spas and wellness resorts. They're unique, skin-nourishing, hydrating & are bursting with natural aroma.

Whether it's treatments, retail products, guest amenities, bespoke formulas or all four, Cerberus can provide a solution which can boost treatment bookings, client retention and guest wellbeing.

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Gift Boxes

Our ranges have  been designed to each have products which go well with each other. We've pulled them together in our luxurious gift boxes.

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Featured Products

A selection of current featured products from the Cerberus range.

Aftersport Body Oil

Perfect for athletes and people who lead active lifestyles. Cerbe...

Deep Muscle Body Oil

A soothing, detoxifying & muscle-easing formula. Cerberus Deep Mu...

Energise Body Oil

Invigorate your mind and body. Our Energise body oil possesses a ...

Revitalise Body Oil

A dynamic formulation; carefully pieced together with hand-picked...

Tranquility Body Oil

All about balancing the emotions and releasing your inhibitions. ...