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CERBERUS | Luxury Redefined.

Cerberus products and services are utilised across the world in some of the most luxurious destination spa's and resorts. We work with you to ensure you have all the tools necessary to boost both treatment bookings and retail purchases. Whether it is our market knowledge or flexibility, or our leading range of products and treatments, we can work with you to ensure your spa is extra special.

We recognise that today's practitioners are not willing to compromise on quality, so we work with only the most advanced ingredients to produce a range of products that meet the highest of demands - our own.

When introducing our selection of products and treatments to your spa, you are introducing years of devotion and complex research which has resulted in a range of products which offer unrivalled skincare performance. A range of products with something for everyone, in both a professional and retail capacity. Whether it is for the treatment room, on-site retail outlet or as guest amenities, each of our Cerberus products are available in a size to suit.

We offer a plethora of luxurious products, specially designed for use on the treatment tables of the world's top spa resorts. The range has been carefully pieced together with client experience and product performance in mind to ensure a boost to both new treatment bookings as well as client retention.

The Cerberus spa treatment range of products extends far beyond what is highlighted on our website. We manufacture everything from what's listed online to preservative-free rasul chamber muds, steam room milks and even our very own range of experience shower Aroma Infusions. We also regularly work closely with a number of spas and wellness resorts across the world to create bespoke products that are unique to them.

Utilising your spa treatments in a retail capacity is a perfect way to utilise available space to boost revenue. This is why all of our products are available in both a professional, more economical size for treatment use and a smaller retail size for offering to your guests. It is also a wonderful way to promote special offers and motivate your guests to return at a later date.

The Cerberus guest amenities selection has been developed in conjunction with our spa offering to further boost treatment bookings. A remarkable set of skin exfoliating, cleansing, nourishing and moisturising products that utilise 100% natural aromas, derived only from first-distillation essential oils are now available for your guests to enjoy when they relax in their rooms.

To discuss introducing Cerberus products to your spa, wellness centre or retail outlet then please contact our New Business Team using the email address below. A representative will get back in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss how to proceed.

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